Crafting compelling CTAs is the key to boosting conversions

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August 10, 2021, 6:15 PM GMT+0

CTAs are critical to determining the next stage in the customer’s journey.

Brands must use clear and relevant CTAs to guide consumers towards their final purchase. Moreover, the CTA text must evoke urgency and be clear about what action the CTA wants customers to take.

Marketers can target customers in their awareness stage with a “Learn More” CTA. This text directs visitors to gather more information on the product and what problems it can solve.  CTAs like which offer a demonstration of a B2B product or service - like “Watch/Book Demo”  - encourage users to decide.

Use “Download eBook Now” CTAs to offer resources like guides and whitepapers to help consumers research a problem they are looking to solve. A “Start Your Free Trial” CTA promises instant gratification at no added risk or obligation. This CTA targets customers who have already made product comparisons and now need reasons to make the final purchase.

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