Offering free WiFi can help small stores drive sales and boost engagement

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August 10, 2021, 6:10 PM GMT+0

Free WiFi can help boost customer loyalty, increase footfall and enhance customer service.

Free internet access is no longer an innovation but something most customers now expect as part of CX. In fact, people search for local businesses that offer free WiFi. About 62% of businesses claim that customers spend more time on their premises if they provide free WiFi access.

Along with increasing customer footfall, free WiFi is also a value-added for employees to perform better. As far as WiFi misuse is concerned, businesses can use encryption and password protection tactics to reduce security risks.

Businesses can also boost customer engagement by setting the brand website as the homepage for the WiFi connection. This way, brands can increase site visits and build their data pool. Similarly, brands can also use marketing software to encourage consumers to submit positive brand reviews.

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