Businesses should verify their website domain with Facebook

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August 11, 2021, 5:03 PM GMT+0

With Apple updating its privacy practices, it is increasingly difficult for marketers to track user data effectively. 

Around 81% of Facebook users use the social media app only on their mobile devices, and many of such users are iPhone users. Apple’s privacy update makes it challenging for marketers to link user behaviour across apps and mobile websites meaningfully on iOS devices. To overcome this, businesses need to find holistic, macro-level models to create data-backed ad strategies.

Along with leveraging Facebook Pixel and finding more long-term solutions to collect user data effectively, businesses should verify their website domain with Facebook. Marketers should add DNS TXT entry to their DNS record to confirm that they own the domain.

Businesses should also use UTM parameters, Google Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 and alternate data capture tactics. Further, they should build “value exchange” strategies to collect first-party data.

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