CMOs now value ops as significant to meet goals, see Martech as mixed bag

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August 11, 2021, 5:31 PM GMT+0

Marketers prioritise ops and strategy among other marketing-related activities.

According to a BrandMaker report, marketing operations have moved from behind the scenes to “an integral part of the marketing organisation.” About 70% of surveyed CMOs said that they now have a dedicated marketing ops team at their organisations.

Marketing strategy and Marketing operations topped the list of activities that marketers would most like to dedicate their time to. The findings reflect that the processes are increasingly seen as intrinsic to marketing as a whole.

Only 10% of the respondents claimed to be completely satisfied with their marketing technology. Nine out of ten marketers signalled they were open to better Martech solutions. 42% of CMOs said they were happy with certain aspects of the Martech being used but claimed some gaps impacted their abilities.

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