Focus on improving website’s usability to boost engagement

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August 11, 2021, 5:57 PM GMT+0

By improving usability, brands can keep visitors longer on the site, improve user experience and get SEO benefits like enhanced search rankings.

To make websites easily accessible to visitors, marketers need to improve their site usability and user experience. They should first optimise their page load speed, as even a momentary delay in page load can reduce conversions, page views and customer satisfaction by around by 7%, 11% and 16%, respectively.

Compress heavy images, use a Content Delivery Network and remove unnecessary plugins to improve page load speed. Businesses can also use a WordPress SEO plugin like AIOSEO to add breadcrumbs to the website for easier navigation.

Marketers should write short paragraphs and use bullet points and numbers to break up long texts. Further, use easy-to-read fonts, make hyperlinks identifiable and ensure the site is mobile-friendly.

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