Ad placements from major companies key source of revenue for pirated sites

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August 12, 2021, 6:39 PM GMT+0

Amazon, Google and Facebook among prominent companies placing ads on pirated platforms.

According to a report by Digital Citizens Alliance and White Bullet, websites offering stolen content like movies and TV shows make $1.34 billion in advertising revenues annually. Several Fortune 500 companies are among the advertisers on these illegal sites.

As a result of a year-long investigation, the report states that pirate operators made around $100 million from ad placements. The top piracy websites generated $1.08 billion in ad revenues. The top five of these websites generated an average of $18.3 million. Similarly, top piracy apps made $259 million.

Amazon, Google and Facebook make for a majority (73%) of all significant brand advertising that investigators spotted on piracy apps in the past year. However, the frequency of Amazon ads on such platforms has declined significantly.

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