Align sales, customer service and supply chain teams with the marketing department

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August 12, 2021, 5:54 PM GMT+0

By enabling inter-departmental alignment, marketers can boost conversions and avoid potential PR catastrophes.

Marketers must equip sales teams with the right tools to pursue conversion goals envisioned by the marketing campaigns. An Aberdeen study found that when sales and marketing teams are aligned, 32% more revenues are generated and 36% more customers are retained.

While marketers aim at attracting new customers, they must team up with customer service professional to ensure the customers have a pleasant brand experience. Marketing-CS alignment can also help build long-term customer loyalty.

Promotional campaigns and logistics are intrinsically linked to customer satisfaction and brand reputation. While promotional campaigns can help engage new and existing consumers, scenarios like stock outages can result in loss of sales and customer dissatisfaction. So, marketers must align with the company’s supply chain department to ensure promotional campaigns are both executed and concluded successfully.

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