B2B businesses must take a cross-discipline approach to social media

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August 12, 2021, 6:12 PM GMT+0

Businesses must understand that each department, from human resources to corporate communication, has a specific and strategic need to be on social platforms.

Organisations must form social media teams across all disciplines and teams. They should conduct a social media audit to understand their existing state of social media management. Identify what kind of content is being published, on which channels and what kind of user responses do they evoke.

Then analyse whether every department of the company is appropriately represented on social platforms. Find out if an in-house team or an external firm handles the brand’s social media presence. Companies should then set goals for each unit to meet on social media.

Create an integration plan that details common goals, metrics and resources to be shared across the organisation as well as with external partners. Integrating key employees with partners effectively can help brands meet customers’ expectations of seamless brand experiences.

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