Putting omnichannel marketing at the centre of strategy can boost customer engagement

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August 12, 2021, 6:24 PM GMT+0

Delivering a connected and seamless customer experience can help companies capture and retain audience attention effectively.

With ample access to plenty of streaming options now, it is becoming increasingly difficult for streaming platforms to engage with customers across all touchpoints effectively. The competition has become even more challenging as consumers prioritise self-care and focus on limiting their screen time.

To capture and retain audience attention in such a competitive landscape, brands need to prioritise personalisation. But, platforms should also keep in mind that though consumers want personalised content and recommendations, they remain concerned about how their personal information is used.

Being intentional and transparent about first-party data usage can help streaming platforms boost engagement, acquire and retain subscribers. Leveraging omnichannel marketing can help brands achieve this level of personalisation and ensure the brand message and content recommendations are consistent across all channels.

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