Take a “Social First” approach for B2B content marketing

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August 12, 2021, 5:10 PM GMT+0

B2B brands must create content pieces that engage users on the social platform, instigate conversations, and boost likes, shares and comments.

Instead of designing strategies to drive consumers off social platforms to the brand website and blogs, B2B companies must adopt a “Social First” approach to engage audiences on the platform itself. They should post relevant, informative content on social platforms with the primary goal of maximising engagement on the platform.

Marketers should limit their social posts between 150 and 200 words and use a maximum of two sentences in a paragraph to keep readers invested. They should also choose topics that provoke audiences to respond.

By collaborating with relevant influencers, brands can ensure their content reaches wider audiences on a given social media platform. Marketers can also reuse their social media content and repurpose them into blog posts.

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