PR pros should leverage critical learnings from past communication mistakes

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August 13, 2021, 5:04 PM GMT+0

Brands must work on improving transparency, education and communication to prevent crises from recurring.

With countries preparing to reopen and people crawling back towards normalcy, businesses must pay more attention to their communication strategy for the second half of 2021. They must understand that lack of transparency and poor communication can cause confusion, distrust and eventually damage brand reputation.

Brands should consider critical learnings from past communication mistakes while preparing their communication strategy. Additionally, educating employees about how the world has changed and everyday interactions have evolved can help staff effectively communicate in the post-pandemic era.

Consumers should be educated about new product launches through platform onboarding programs. For instance, banks can launch financial education programs to help consumers overcome fears from the pandemic. Brands should also launch and adopt modern technologies across the organisation to maximise ROI.

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