Product-centric ads conveying a positive sentiment work well on Instagram

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August 13, 2021, 2:04 AM GMT+0

Using templates can help brands design and post consistent ads on Instagram.

Following simple, interactive, and engaging design practices can help brands create captivating Instagram ads and drive conversions. To make the Instagram ads stand out, keep visual components to a minimum with plain text or a product image, and account for the limited screen space and ad dimensions.

Write clear, concise captions and messages to highlight product benefits, and leverage closed captions in video ads to boost accessibility and engagement. Placing the product at the centre of the image via size reduction can help marketers convey a compelling brand story and appeal to consumers.

Induce positive sentiments in prospects and boost engagement by incorporating bright and contrasting colours in Instagram ads. Creating and posting engaging videos with the carousel ads format is recommended to exhibit varied products and increase conversions.

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