Use separate social media accounts for technical help to stop message dilution

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August 13, 2021, 4:54 PM GMT+0

Brands should create dedicated social media support accounts to isolate complaints and technical inquiries from marketing campaigns.

Social media has forced brands to operate transparently and communicate openly with customers and provided an opportunity for businesses to build reputations and deliver outstanding customer service experiences. Strategically using social media can help companies grow their audience base, retain clients, protect brand reputation and effectively address PR crises.

Companies should separate technical support from core marketing social media accounts, like market leaders such as Nike and Netflix, have done – @NikeService and @Netflixhelps. It prevents brands’ creative messages from being diluted by the complaints like product defects and website issues.

Timely acknowledging and addressing the CS issue on social platforms in a creative manner can help brands improve customer experience. It can further help boost customers’ loyalty towards the brand.

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