3D outdoor advertising is looking more attractive for British brands

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August 16, 2021, 4:59 PM GMT+0

With companies launching a simplified process for 3D DOOH, advertiser demand has picked up.

Technologies similar to 3D outdoor advertising has been used in Asia for years. But, 3D outdoor advertising was rarely deployed in the UK because of the flat digital billboards prevalent in the country– making the process costly and prohibitive.

With DeepScreen simplifying the template, brands can now place 3D ads at Piccadilly Lights and Ocean billboard locations across cities, including London and Manchester. Brands like Netflix and Vodafone have already used the technology to advertise on screens in London. 

Interestingly, DeepScreen’s launch of a simplified 3D template coincides with the surge in demand for outdoor advertising as the footfall level increases with the removal of COVID-19 restrictions. Vodafone’s Maria Koutsoudakis said, “When billboards become 3D, they become shareable, and you create this huge social media asset that gets widely shared.”

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