Google has been meeting top publishers to explain FLoC and Privacy Sandbox

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August 16, 2021, 11:00 AM GMT+0

The company is “hoping for more participation from publishers.”

Top executives from nearly 20 publishers have been engaged by Google in monthly meetings since March, to discuss Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative. Many in the industry have spoken about Google having too much control in new tech development.

As publishers were previously excluded from the development of digital ads without third-party cookies, these meetings aim to rectify that. While some of Privacy Sandbox's work has been published in W3C, many consider it to be “an impenetrable labyrinth” meant for engineers from Google and Facebook.

The meetings focused on FLoC and its impact on publishers in terms of inventory packaging, as well as how first-party data sets will affect publisher-owned domains on browsers like Chrome. However, some significant topics, such as FLoC modifications were confined to engineer-centric spaces such as W3C.

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