Keep eBooks informative, interactive, and to-the-point to boost conversions

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August 16, 2021, 5:14 PM GMT+0

The article suggests ways in which brands can use eBooks to convert readers into customers.

Instead of selling the product itself, eBooks must offer solutions to problems. Marketers should use bullet points and a table of contents to define the contents of the eBook. Indexing helps readers clearly understand the eBooks learning outcomes. For instance, Impraise focuses on collecting contact information through eBook sign-ups to pursue potential leads.

By including FAQs that feature even the most obvious questions, eBooks can be honest to readers about how brands intend to use their information. 84% of readers trust online peer recommendations to download eBooks. Include reader reviews and comments in the eBooks to encourage more downloads.

Balance visuals and text in their eBooks to retain readers’ attention. Use moving infographics, images, videos, quizzes and large text callouts to break the monotony of eternal pages of text.

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