Marketers must craft creative, eye-catching and unique email subject lines

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August 16, 2021, 5:09 PM GMT+0

A compelling email subject line can help businesses win valuable, repeat customers as well as lost, inactive ones.

With the email subject line being a crucial factor impacting open and click rates, businesses must pay more attention. Instead of writing long texts, email marketers should write subject lines within three-four words in a catchy way that promotes the product and makes it appealing.

Brands can also use English letters creatively and interestingly to attract user attention. In case the brand has a claim to fame, they should highlight that in their email subject lines to grab readers’ attention immediately.

Adding emojis to subject lines can also give the subject line a different appearance. Marketers can further use a meme-quotation format in their subject lines, but they should ensure their subject lines are unique, exciting and eye-catching.

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