Businesses must use testimonials to win over the sceptic buyer

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August 17, 2021, 4:18 PM GMT+0

With audiences growing increasingly sceptical of marketing tactics, brands can leverage customer testimonials to create social proof around their products.

Product and brand reviews impact purchasing decisions for 95% of customers. Brands must approach customers who have long associated with and purchased from the brand to provide testimonials. Though marketers can ask for testimonials on social media platforms or in person, it is best to approach customers through emails.

An email approach helps streamline and track the process. Incentivise clients for testimonials and ensure they are asked the right questions to understand their purchasing journey with the brand effectively. Similarly, brands must use a variety of testimonials.

These include customer quotes featured with the customer's image, influencer testimonials, screenshots of testimonials uploaded on social media and case studies. Additionally, with a 77% conversion rate among viewers, video testimonials are beneficial in engaging audiences. 

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