While travel gradually resumes, Americans remain wary about it

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August 17, 2021, 2:05 AM GMT+0

As companies globally adopted new communications and collaboration strategies, the future of business travel remains bleak.

Americans in the new normal are not well prepared to travel, as only 33% are "ready to go again”, as per a recent travel report. Over the Fourth of July weekend, 10 million travellers passed through TSA checkpoints in airports, yet 18% said they are unsure if they will ever feel safe travelling again.

People who are eager to travel, however, are more likely to do so in cars, particularly if they have young unvaccinated children. On 4 July, 90% of holiday car travellers drove less than 250 miles, and two-thirds drove less than 50 miles.

With people looking to reunite with their loved ones, travel businesses should connect with their consumers via personalised cross-channel communications. Offer loyalty-based incentives to appeal to younger travellers.

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