Brands should leverage social media listening to enhance lead generation efforts

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August 18, 2021, 5:26 PM GMT+0

Apart from addressing concerns of existing clients, social listening can help brands effectively acquire new customers.

Instead of siloing social listening and assigning it solely to social media managers and marketers, brands should track it using a cross-departmental approach. The effort should include various teams, ranging from design and product development to social and marketing departments, to get everyone on the same page. This cross-silo approach can help brands better understand their target audience and create a more effective lead generation and conversion strategy.

While enabling social listening, brands should look beyond tagged mentions and DMs. They should monitor different variations of the brand name and names of their executive leaders. Additionally, they should exclude tagged (linked) mentions and create a separate feed for untagged brand mentions.

Monitoring competitor’s social mentions can also help companies improve find potential customers. Further, pitch competitor’s unhappy customers with the value proposition to convert them.

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