Guide sports marketing efforts with data, understand fans to secure sponsorships

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August 20, 2021, 10:59 AM GMT+0

Leverage granular data to create effective sports marketing campaigns.

Given that sporting events reach individuals across demographics, sports brands would benefit from using data analytics to understand their fans, produce captivating stories, and engage with them. However, because fans are dispersed around the globe, sports teams must collect reliable data to understand their fanbase and the potential that each market holds.

Manchester City fans in the UK, for example, are not the same as New York City FC supporters. Sports teams must use data analytics to understand their global, regional, and local followers, discover overlapping similarities. This will help them secure sponsorships from brands whose interests correspond with their audiences.

Fan insights help sports clubs seek valuable partnerships, guide buying decisions, and grow business. Clubs can create marketing content that resonates with their fans across social media using data.

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