Marketers should learn video content marketing lessons from leaders like Salesforce and TikTok

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August 20, 2021, 3:49 PM GMT+0

An analysis by Analytic Partners and The Lab found that video-based social media ads get a better response than static image ads.

According to a story in Axios, Salesforce is rolling out a streaming service to transform its content marketing into a full-fledged media company. The software company found that though most of a video’s success relies on creative elements such as video and story, a significant portion can be attributed to execution elements like targeting, formatting, timing and duration.

Salesforce suggests brands should create videos that convey the message even when viewed with the sound off. Marketers should use bright colours and close-ups, use movements to capture viewer attention, and stick to one clear message.

For TikTok, the most downloaded social media app globally, businesses must create immersive, entertaining and engaging video content on the platform. Instead of creating ads, marketers can consider creating TikTok content, republished on other channels for promotional purposes. But, marketers should ensure their content portrays realness and authenticity.

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