Brands must prioritise seamless CX to acquire long-term customers

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August 24, 2021, 5:31 PM GMT+0

While offering customers quality products is crucial, enhancing customer service is key in retaining clients too.

Brands should gather insights like frequency of purchases, average customer call length and first contact resolutions to identify blind spots in their customer service. When using CX analytics tools to map the seamlessness of the customer journey, brands must ensure the software integrates all business tools the company currently uses. Analytic tools enable brands to streamline CX-boosting efforts.

Metrics like first call resolution and customer retention rates help identify how successful the brand is in resolving customer-related issues and retaining consumers, respectively. Use the net promoter score to see if the shopping experience was satisfying enough for the customer to recommend the brand in their social circle.

Analyse website navigation paths to understand how easy or difficult is it to navigate the site. Marketers must also make sure they engage with customers on channels and platforms they prefer.

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