Email marketing is a well suited tactic to use amid privacy regulations

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August 24, 2021, 1:27 AM GMT+0

Understanding regulatory guidelines such as CAN-SPAM can help email marketers build legally compliant campaigns.

Brands looking to target consumers and track campaign performance can use email marketing as the industry becomes more privacy-centric. With browsers like Firefox banning third-party cookies, email marketing has emerged as a viable alternative to target customers cost-effectively.

Marketers who use email open rates to evaluate campaign performance should optimise for engagements, as Apple releases its Mail Privacy Protection update. This may cause email opens to be inaccurate, as it will remotely retrieve all email contents before it reaches recipients’ inbox.

This, however, will allow marketers to focus on metrics that demonstrate true value and help them optimise email campaigns. Moreover, email marketers have access to personally identifiable information (email id), which is ideal for targeting.

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