Geo-testing must be given a chance as a measurement method

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August 24, 2021, 2:36 AM GMT+0

Incorporating geo-testing as a measurement approach can help brands glean valuable insights irrespective of identity resolutions.  

Despite marketers now having access to granular measurement insights, geo-testing is worth re-considering, especially as the industry slowly moves towards a cookieless web. The author recommends using geo-testing to experiment for or optimise media for incrementality.  

Geo-testing is particularly useful as it is cohort-based and doesn’t need to depend on user-level data. However, it has historically been thought of as an “overly-complex” and expensive method. While it may not be a “surgical” option, geo-testing’s costs have come down, making it an accessible option.

With the standardisation of first-party data solutions far off in the future, geo-testing could be adopted in the face of tracking restrictions. Brands that spend particularly heavily on TV and radio can benefit from geo-testing.

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