Support PPC and SEO campaigns with users’ search-intent data

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August 24, 2021, 2:10 AM GMT+0

Use data from SEO and PPC campaigns to improve ad copywriting and optimise KPIs.

Incorporating intent-based SEO and PPC into the marketing mix can help brands better understand their customers' requirements and intentions. For intent-based marketing initiatives, leverage search channels to acquire valuable insights such as keywords used by potential consumers.

Combining SEO and PPC in search-intent efforts can also help businesses benefit their campaigns incrementally. By understanding users' search-intent, marketers can improve SERP ranking via PPC while avoiding spending marketing budgets on paid ads where SEO is already delivering top results.

Assess search intent to better understand customers' various pain points and tailor PPC and SEO content to address them, as well as improve local and organic search results. Improve SEO performance of content by understanding search intent and placing PPC ads on valuable pages.

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