Prioritise UX, attract the right visitors and optimise content to reduce bounce rates

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August 25, 2021, 4:55 PM GMT+0

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of site visitors who leave the website without clicking on any other webpage link.

Brands must focus on enhancing website usability to decrease bounce rates. Use larger fonts, large headlines and bulleted lists to make it easier for audiences to navigate web pages. Choose the right keywords to match the website content and attract relevant audiences.

Similarly, create multiple landing pages with unique content for different buyer personas. When designing effective webpage layouts, box content in well-defined sections, craft clear CTAs, minimise the number of self-loading multimedia content and set external links to open to new windows.

Place ads on the sides of the web pages and avoid pop-ups. The average bounce rate across industries stands at 47%, with B2B industries experiencing higher single-page visits. Incorporate such insights while establishing baselines for bounce rate evaluation.

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