Ad aware, and not banner blind audiences must be targeted on digital

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August 26, 2021, 2:50 AM GMT+0

Target “ad aware” audiences to optimise ad viewability.

With ad viewability being a key metric for assessing the performance of digital campaigns, marketers should optimise their ads for higher viewability. Improve ad viewability by leveraging practices like A/B testing ad formats and placing the ads above-the-fold on web pages.

However, providing real value in ads like offers and incentives can help businesses increase ad viewability. Leverage third-party verification tools like DoubleVerify, IAS and MOAT to measure and enhance the viewability of ads online.

Further, brands should develop advertising strategies to reach “ad aware” audiences, as these users are better aware of the ads that are being delivered to them, as opposed to “banner blind” audiences. Investing in bigger and intrusive ads will reach more banner blind audiences, instead of potential consumers.

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