A standardised taxonomy of OTT content is needed to serve as contextual metadata

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August 26, 2021, 12:04 PM GMT+0

Investing in standardised contextual metadata content can help marketers enhance programmatic video ad targeting in OTT.

When it comes to buying video ads, marketers are uninformed of the video content because there has never been a standardised mechanism to determine video content. However, marketers can now access the contextual relevance of video ads, particularly in OTT, as investments in contextual metadata increase.

Contextual metadata content includes information like a video’s genre, rating, and length, and it's shared through the standard content parameter, as per OpenRTB specs. For example, a video ad for the WNBA All-Star Game would simply appear as an ad for sale on a CTV to an advertiser without contextual metadata.

Further, because OpenRTB only provides a limited set of content specifications, fragmented metadata for a genre can be categorised under the same label. As a result, the author recommends that industry groups such as the IAB collaborate with publishers and buyers to consolidate varied publisher taxonomies into a unified market-wide taxonomy.

Adoption of standardised metadata taxonomy can improve transparency, targeting, reporting, and more. This will provide advertisers with a single view of content from numerous sources.

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