Use consumer psychology to boost conversions and nurture relationships

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August 26, 2021, 5:05 PM GMT+0

While guiding a customer through a traditional marketing funnel, marketers can tap into their customers’ psychological tendencies.

With a psychology-driven sales approach, marketers can effectively help audiences becomes aware of their problems and find solutions. Try to describe the audiences’ issues so that customers can understand their problems. This way, consumers feel connected with the brands and the solutions brands offer to solve their problems.

Use compelling storytelling to paint different scenarios in which audiences struggle to solve problems and use the brand’s product to do so. Once audiences feel heard and cared for, marketers should resolve miseries, pain points and fears the customers have in completing their purchase journey.

Next, offer reasons for consumers to act on the brand’s offer. Create an ethical scarcity through bonus offers on the product or by increasing the price of the offer. For those who may not have made a purchase, engage with them through exclusive deals or an affiliate offer. Finally, take a 2-week cool down to engage with earlier customers and prepare for upcoming product launches or offer.

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