Leverage marketing tech to build consumer loyalty

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August 27, 2021, 12:54 PM GMT+0

Provide incentives like discounts and allow consumers to donate to their preferred charitable causes to enhance loyalty among consumers.

Developing loyalty programs integrated with digital tech and marketing platforms can maximise sales from existing consumers. Create a consistently reliable marketing strategy that rewards and incentivises customers that continually engage and purchase from the company to convert them into a brand loyalists.

Offer a points program, wherein consumers are rewarded points based on the number of purchases, to retain them and build loyalty. The North Face’s Point Program rewards consumers with points for each online purchase and enables them to track purchases, points, and redeem them via an app.

Reward consumers based on their progress in any given activity on the brand’s app to drive loyalty. Nike, for example, provides badges and perks, anytime consumers attain a new milestone in its Training Club app.

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