Create socially responsible marketing campaigns to humanise the brand

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August 30, 2021, 10:44 AM GMT+0

Acknowledge and address mistakes made to improve brand affinity and promote responsibly.

The need for socially responsible marketing has increased during the pandemic, and brands should leverage marketing campaigns to convey purpose, emotions, inclusivity, and empathy. According to a recent Kantar Barometer survey, 27% of respondents under 35 expect companies to become change leaders.

To better engage customers and humanise the brand, employees should be featured on social media, highlight their accomplishments, share behind-the-scenes content and more. Creating relatable yet bold content that supports causes and takes a stance is recommended to differentiate from competitors.

Companies would do well to sincerely thank their consumers for supporting them amid crises and offer giveaways and discounts to show their appreciation. Celebrate customers' and clients' accomplishments on social media and offer assistance through difficult times to strengthen relationships.

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