Leverage Video Sales Letter to convince prospects and augment sales

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August 30, 2021, 12:01 PM GMT+0

Build dedicated landing pages for video sales letters (VSL’s) with tools like the Landing Page Builder plugin.

Producing VSL’s can help businesses drive traffic on their landing pages and websites and ultimately drive sales. Showcase pain points relevant to the targeted audience and inform them how the product features can benefit them in VSL’s.

While VSLs of eight to 24 minutes in length are effective for convincing prospects, marketers should be mindful of their viewers' jobs and demographics. Create short videos for busy viewers like or CEOs or moms. Having a clear sales letter script and calls to action can enhance VSL performance.

Avoid using technical language in VSL’s and offer limited sales offers to add a sense of urgency and increase click-through rates. Addressing people’s concerns in VSL’s by providing social proof like testimonials can further increase conversions.

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