Marketers must create video content to boost reach on Instagram

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August 31, 2021, 6:16 AM GMT+0

With Reels, IGTV and Instagram Live, brands can reach wider audiences on Instagram and stimulate growth.

Given that Reels is its counter to TikTok, Instagram has spent the last few quarters promoting the short video format. Moreover, the 30-second video format enjoys a dedicated tap on the bottom menu of the app. While making Reels, choose topics that are most relevant to the target audiences, use popular music, add subtitles and write engaging captions. Brands can even make use of Instagram’s editor to create Reels.

Although Instagram may not be promoting IGTVs as much as Reels, the former sure is increasingly engaging audiences of late. With IGTVs, brands can also include a clickable link in the video descriptions. This link can help marketers boost website traffic for their brands.

Similarly, brands can use Instagram Live sessions to interact with live audiences and make money without selling a product. Instagram now allows audiences to purchase badges and support the brand during live sessions.

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