Track search trends to serve relevant articles in real-time to the target demographics

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August 31, 2021, 11:25 AM GMT+0

Change subheadings, add relevant links or images to evergreen content to boost audience engagement.

Publishers are looking to retain visitors, increase engagement, convert them, understand their prospects' journey, and offer personalised content for each channel. A report from Chartbeat highlights steps brands could take to create a seamless content experience, engage readers, and build loyalty.

Businesses should learn where their visitors are coming from to identify ways to recirculate them to other articles on the site. They should monitor audience participation in real-time to identify people who arrived via Google search and those who use direct search trends to deliver relevant articles on social media.

Evaluate readers behaviour from search and engagement with the content to optimise content, improve engagement, and drive recirculation. Use data to create easily digestible content, improve mobile experiences, and tactically insert links to "encourage deeper visits".

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