Use direct, empathic and unique email subject lines to attract customers

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August 31, 2021, 10:34 AM GMT+0

Ahead of this year’s holiday season, marketers must use email communication to deliver relevant, to-the-point and optimistic messages.

According to a Phrasee analysis of millions of email subject lines, 2020 favourites like “curbside pickup” and “home delivery” might still work for this year’s shopping season. While marketers used emojis to denote a sense of happiness and urgency last year, there are chances of emoji fatigue.

Compared to trendy and slang language, subject lines that are direct, friendly and evoke a sense of curiosity are more likely to be opened. Similarly, use sentences that empathise with the target audiences and the crisis stations they may be battling. The customers’ financial crisis, for example.

Brands must create email content to signal an optimistic return to “normal”. Experiment with subject lines, and use email content to define and establish brand identity.

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