Businesses need an 'enemy' to defeat to differentiate themselves

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September 01, 2021, 1:40 AM GMT+0

The idea of what a company’s “enemy” is can emerge from current cultural realities.

This article suggests the need to identify and define an “enemy” of a business as a tactic to differentiate one’s brand. An example of this is JetBlue identifying “the impersonal and inhuman experiences” delivered by its competitors as an “enemy.”

Post-identification, the enemy must be defeated with the victor brand now having differentiated itself in the market. Ensure that the “enemy” (as a concept) can potentially lend itself well to clear communication, and is tangible.

Deciding what can be classed as an “enemy” is critical as it can potentially bring the employee and the brand closer. It must ideally also be something that also inspires consumers to join the “fight” against it with a brand.    

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