Keep content clear, authentic and logically sound to persuade audiences

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September 01, 2021, 5:37 PM GMT+0

Brands should incorporate persuasion techniques like appealing to audiences’ emotions and leveraging social proof.

Marketers must be consistent and confident with their messages to customers. If the concept being discussed is new for the audiences, introduce the topic unrelated before referring to it directly. Similarly, offer customers incentives to reciprocate actions like submitting email addresses and signing up for trial periods.

Using social proof like reviews and customer rating helps brands establish their credibility and authority, further enhancing trustworthiness. Collaborate with experts and leaders in the industry the brand belongs to build brand authority.

Highlight awards and recognitions won by the brand and shared relevant data to support claims being made.  Moreover, writers must focus on understanding their audiences well and appealing to their emotional side. Ensure the content is logically sound, avoid jargon and keep sentences short for readers to understand the content clearly.

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