Monitor social media activity to gather customer feedback and improve CX

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September 01, 2021, 5:28 PM GMT+0

Brands must use social media not just for flogging their wares to customers but also for meaningful engagement.

Contrary to traditional customer service platforms, social media platforms enable marketers to interact with audiences in real-time. With more attentive customer service, consumers feel more immersed in the brand experience. Brands must constantly monitor comments and messages they receive from customers on their social media accounts.

This exercise can yield multiple benefits for the business. Firstly, marketers can identify common problems that constantly feature among customer feedback and careful management to customer grievance patterns being developed. Simultaneously, highlight the positive brand experiences consumers share online. Use such engagement tactics to identify what aspects of the brand's product or service can improve and meet their audiences' expectations.

Similarly, marketers can also identify potential customers and converse with them in the comment thread on social media posts. Additionally, brands can also analyse their competitors' social media activity and what works best to engage customers.

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