Decreasing reliance on third-party cookies will benefit email marketing

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September 02, 2021, 2:23 AM GMT+0

Brands are leveraging email marketing to build rich consumer profiles with zero- and first-party data.

With third-party cookies’ phase out delayed, the importance of email marketing is rising, as marketers collect alternative IDs and zero- and first-party data. Proposals for consented ID networks like unified ID 2.0 are emerging, as walled gardens like Facebook, Twitter, and Snap use hashed emails to target customers.

Further, with email addresses being used as identifiers, demand for subscriber acquisition sources is also growing with brands optimising signup forms to enhance completion rates. Existing email addresses can be used as promotional opt-ins.

Tim Carr, head of activation product marketing, Oracle Advertising, states, third-party audiences are being utilised to “build first-party audiences for the future.” Email marketing can help brands collect data about consumers’ interests to segment, automate and personalise content and serve ads.

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