Offer incentives like eBooks to acquire new consumers

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September 02, 2021, 1:04 PM GMT+0

Collaborate with complementary brands and encourage brand fans to promote the business to drive sales.

Brands looking to attract and retain customers must understand the customer journey and modify the traditional marketing funnel to increase awareness, trust, sales, and more. Create organic posts and use paid ads to get in front of consumers, as well as address their pain points to drive awareness.

Once, prospects are aware of the brand, align the business values with that of the consumers and exhibit social proof like video testimonials to build trust. Providing free eBooks and buying options like “try before you buy” helps persuade prospects in the decision stage of their journey and converts them.

Marketers should follow up with existing consumers and provide future solutions to retain them. Create incentivised referral programs to acquire new consumers, as well as build loyalty among current consumers.

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