AI crucial to make digital marketing strategies smarter, relevant and risk-free

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September 03, 2021, 1:32 PM GMT+0

Brands must leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance customer interactions, personalise communication and asses risk efficiently.

With the pandemic fast-tracking digital transformation and automation across industries, customers today expect customer service innovation and content personalisation. Businesses must incorporate automated communication instruments like chatbots, AI-powered phone agents and virtual assistants to offer customers rapid communication channels.

Such tools further help streamline conversations with clients across channels, even outside working hours. Along with multi-channel communication capabilities, brands can also offer content that resonates with the target audiences.

Use AI-powered data mining to predict consumer preferences and personalise content for different segments of consumer. AI’s cognitive analytics help tap into unstructured information and reduce subjectivity while making decisions. Similarly, companies can use AI to analyse huge amounts of data quickly and detect unusual behavioural patterns.

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