Automobile brands are overspending on TV ads and Google search: Ex-Hyundai CMO

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September 06, 2021, 4:33 PM GMT+0

Dean Evans, now at, says that while consumers are using more smartphones, auto brands rely on untargeted TV ads to reach potential buyers.

Ex-Hyundai CMO Dean Evans said that automobile companies are spending too much on TV ads and Google search, and not enough on channels where it matters most. Similarly, auto industry consultant Brian Pasch said dealers are not effectively measuring Google search ad results.

Pasch further added that leads generated via Google search ads are mostly calls to a dealer for service requests and not buying cars.  Over 50% of US automotive advertising spend goes to “traditional, untargeted TV — well above the global industry average across all categories— even though consumers are spending more time on mobile devices than on traditional TV consuming content from a variety of social platforms and streaming apps.”

Evans claims that can provide auto marketers with more precise ad targeting alternatives to Google search ads or TV buys. It uses first-party consumer data and helps auto brands effectively target buyers who are most likely to look for car buying options.

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