Brands must create a calendar for consistently posting podcast content

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September 06, 2021, 4:37 PM GMT+0

It is essential for podcast creators to maintain consistency as inconsistent podcast schedules will draw negative reviews and deter new listeners.

Building a podcast calendar can help companies organise their podcast strategy, better understand the impression that listeners draw from the podcast, and eventually create more meaningful podcast content. A calendar can help brainstorm new ideas, keep the audience engaged and most importantly – maintain consistency.

Before establishing a podcast schedule, marketers should consider the subject line of their podcast and make sure it aligns with their prospects' interests. Even if they create evergreen-type content, they need to keep the podcast relevant by introducing new ideas. Be clear about the topic before stepping into podcasts, as some topics like parenting and tech have no expiry date, but episodes around TV shows have a limited shelf life.

A schedule can help marketers organise podcasts they are collaborating with brands or hosting multiple guests. They can also batch recording together, integrate automation tools, segment podcast projects into smaller tasks, schedule operational tasks in advance, schedule live dates, and inform audiences beforehand to host podcast shows and draw listeners' attention consistently. Further, use checklists to plan for different stages of the production schedule effectively.

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