Brands must incorporate audio in their marketing strategies

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September 06, 2021, 1:07 PM GMT+0

Invest in creating quality audio content and ensure the right kind of equipment to do so.

Before they begin recording, marketers must first identify what kind of topics their target audiences want to discuss. Monitor competitor brands and check what kind of audio content they are creating. Whether a business podcast or a how-to-video, marketers should ensure they begin by creating a high-quality recording.

Choose the right microphone, zero in on a quiet recording space, use a pop filter, and follow proper techniques to record on a mic. Brands must have a recording plan in place that also details how they intend on editing the audio recording.

Take notes during the recording itself and experiment with different outputs such as headphones, speakers and car stereo. This helps analyse if the recording sounds good on every kind of output. Set realistic, measurable and specific goals to achieve through recording projects and continually work on improving content quality.

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