Brands should regularly conduct Twitter audits to align Twitter efforts with marketing objectives

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September 07, 2021, 3:02 PM GMT+0

While conducting Twitter audits, marketers should also consider analysing branding elements.

Marketers should regularly conduct Twitter audits to ensure alignment with the marketing strategy. But, before conducting an audit, marketers should confirm their Twitter marketing objectives. Then, leverage Google Analytics data to analyse Twitter traffic from a content and conversion perspective.

Companies should also analyse their tweets to optimise their content category or content type strategy. They should further consider hashtag performance while conducting Twitter performance. Additionally, marketers should modify their evergreen tweet strategy based on category performance.

Leverage social listening and conducting competitor analysis can help identify areas of improvement and maximise brand exposure and campaign ROI. Brands should also audit their followers and follow back influential followers, influencers and brand advocates. They should further audit branding elements like colour, bio and URL to ensure consistent branding across all channels.

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