Brands must use live events to nurture leads in a post-COVID world

Tasim Zahid
September 08, 2021, 5:01 PM GMT+0

Choose event topics relevant to target audiences, offer a variety of programmes and follow-up post the event. 

With the pandemic accelerating average online video consumption to 18 hours a week, businesses must incorporate live events in their lead-nurturing strategies. For instance, 53% of homebound audiences attend one out of five webinars they hear about. According to a TrustRadius study, people value Q&A sessions over live events. 

Businesses can thus invite webinar participants to submit their questions in advance and answer them during the event. Similarly, host online lessons to share skills and train participants. Offer classes with special pricing, limit the number of seats to maintain exclusivity and send follow up emails to people after the event. 

Brands must focus on making the most of their events and the time that audiences’ devote to the webinar. For instance, UX Testing held a 24-hour marathon webinar that features various speakers across several sessions. Simultaneously, use live events to offer experiences like trivia quizzes, live magic shows or live concerts.

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