Psychological elements in ad creatives helps connect to prospects

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September 08, 2021, 3:51 AM GMT+0

Anthropomorphise a product with relatable characteristics to attract consumers.

Marketers looking to understand how consumers process information in ads must create compelling creatives, incorporated with psychological elements in their ad campaigns. The author highlights psychological concepts brands can use in their creatives to create successful ads.

Creating unique, disruptive, and interesting ads can help brands engage consumers and get their attention, as new information can cognitively disrupt their browsing experience. Align the ads with the context of the content in media like sports or movies to match consumers’ moods at any given moment.

Developing personalised ads as per consumer preferences and interests can help brands immediately attract their attention, amid all the other media distractions. Insert human-like features or create mascots to anthropomorphise a product with relatable characteristics, like Geico’s Gecko, to build social relationships and connect with consumers.

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