Map linear reach to ID spines to measure TV audiences

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September 09, 2021, 12:45 PM GMT+0

Measure ad performance across channels and data sources to test ad creatives.

While COVID-19-driven growth in streaming TV boosted investments in TV shows, advertisers are struggling to track users and serve more contextually-relevant ads. This comes at a time when digital platforms and walled gardens are implementing new privacy policies, making audience profiling more challenging.

Fragmented viewing, siloed identity solutions, and varying standards between publishers and identity providers are also impacting ad targeting and measurement. However, aligning audience IDs with the viewership data across linear and digital can help advertisers leverage omnichannel marketing.

Data from set-top boxes and retailers, as well as CTV apps like Hulu, can help advertisers segment their audience basis age, gender, and interests to target CTV ads. Mapping linear reach to an “ID spine” can help TV media buyers measure cross-channel audience profiles holistically.

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