Use PR to boost awareness and clear myths surrounding electric vehicles

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September 13, 2021, 11:09 AM GMT+0

Developing clear messaging can help the electric vehicles (EV) industry in changing customers' misconceptions about EVs.

As the EV industry expands in the UK, it must address underlying customer concerns and educate them about industry innovations to gain trust and debunk dated negative perceptions. EV experts should be honest, upfront, and empathetic, when communicating concerns via direct reports, like EVs can travel over 300 miles on a single charge.

To combat the spread of disinformation, EV specialists must be agile and react to negative messaging about EVs. Create clear, efficient, and bold messaging, as well as hold those who promote misinformation accountable, to disprove their misrepresentations and bring about change. While there might be support for EVs in theory, misinformation coupled with consumer perceptions and mixed messaging are hindering their adoption.

Communicating with lawmakers, lobbying the government, presenting a stand against counterproductive policies can help build awareness around EVs and boost rate of adoption. Leveraging PR can give the EV sector a greater say in debunking EV myths. The sector and relevant stakeholders must find opportunities to fill in knowledge gaps about the sector that consumers might have.

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